!!!…Life is Like a Maths…!!!

!!!…Life is Like a Maths…!!!

Friends Ko Plus ( + ) Karo,

Dusman Kp Minus ( — ) Karo,

Khushiyo ko Multiply ( X ) Karo,

Gum Ko Devide ( / ) Karo,

Aur Life Ko Enjoy Karo….!


Dr. Kishorbhai M. Patel

I.N.Tekrawala Higher Secondary School, Rander raod, Surat-9


4 responses to this post.

  1. આ ક્ષણમાં જીવો અને ..
    જીવનનું ફેક્ટોરિયલ કરો !!



    • Nice comment ..This is also true..that factorization and expansion is the real life…some bitter experiences should be factorized and good ones should be shared or expanded in the life so that life will be Happy…Happy Christmas days to all dear friends



  2. Nice Maths of life this is the way of happy and gay..like kishorbhai..



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